What are We Watching this Weekend?

'Fess up - who's going to see Cinderella Man?


Blogger filmenthusiast2000 said...

Fuckin' Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants; the old ball-and-chain's making me take her. WOMEN!

4:15 PM  
Blogger flickerrate said...

Shanghai Express, Blue Angel this morning as I finish my travels with Von Sternberg. It's nice to be able to project stuff for yourself. (Yes, I am disgustingly spoiled by my job). Now I'm projecting Harold and Kumar go to White Castle for a bunch of rude alumnae. Hmmm. I guess one must always pay for pleasure.

The question is, what should I go see tomorrow night? Or should I succomb to my desperate longing to rent Velvet Goldmine tonight and order takeout. Ideas?

3:28 PM  

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