Second Dispatch From the 27th MIFF

As promised, an update:

Lars (Von Trier) talks often of the size of Afro-American genitals.

-Thomas Vinterberg at the press conference following today's Dear Wendy screening, in response to questions about the film's use of a young black male to represent shoot-first aggression, or as he put it, "men of action". He surmised that Von Trier, the screenwriter, chose a black character in order to be politically incorrect, and also because of envy, saying:

Being a small white animal from a small country in the north, we're envious of beautiful African men. It's in our nature.

Look what nineteenth century thinking the MIFF dragged in.

Manderlay screens tomorrow. Whoo boy.


Blogger filmenthusiast2000 said...

Oh. Dear. God.
Is it too early to say Mandingo II?

4:12 PM  

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