Indie rock-- the new Rap?

'Garden State' pointed the way, and Hollywood has heeded the call of Zach Braff--there's a new inobtrusive, innocuous brand of "furniture music" (to borrow a phrase from Antonioni) to lubricate the scene changes and introspective montages of the Dream Factory's latest steaming loafs. Indie rock on, bros!

From rollingstone.com

"A new song by the Flaming Lips, 'Mr. Ambulance Driver,' will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming summer comedy, Wedding Crashers, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Packed with indie rock -- including tunes from Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley, Bloc Party and Spoon, and a rare early track by Jimmy Eat World -- the CD is due three days before the movie's July 15th release."

And lest you think that prominent inclusion in Mandy Moore's 'How to Deal' and now this Vaughn/ Wilson party joint should dampen Lips frontman Wayne Coyne's artistic pretentions:

"The Lips' track on the album, however, is considerably prettier and more melancholy, as "Mr. Ambulance Driver" was inspired in part by Coyne's sickness and a dark Seventies hit."

"My mother died about a year ago, and there was a mood that came with her illness that felt so desperate -- the shock of thinking about what the future might be," he says. "And I had this folksy, storytelling song about the scene of an accident: The guy is pleading with the ambulance diver to hurry up, but he realizes that the girl he's with is already dead. You know, there was a hit here in Oklahoma in the Seventies called 'D.O.A.,' this real heavy death-rock song [by Bloodrock] about a guy in a crash -- but I wanted to make something more emotional."

Could there be a better forum for such galvanizing material than this?:
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Uh-oh cool guys, your middlebrow ambitions are showing!
This bland could be your life.


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This is all the "O.C."'s fault.

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