Weekly: NY Times Title Game #3

The moment you've all been waiting for....

1. A Nightmare of a Mom vs. Her Son's Dreamboat
2. Squaring Off Against Dad With an Army of Little Kickers
3. Where the Rumba Is as Much a Part of School as Recess
4. Derailing a Drug Dealer's Retirement
5. Raised Like a Dog, Crouching Like a Tiger
6. Ex-Lovers Haunted by Myths and More
7. An Eerie Simulation of a Crime Scene. Or Is It?


1. Layer Cake
2. Monster-in-Law
3. Unleashed
4. Kicking and Screaming
5. Kings and Queen
6. Mindhunters
7. Mad Hot Ballroom


Blogger HarryLime said...

Nightmare = Monster in Law
Squaring = Kicking and Screaming
Where the Rhumba = Mad Hot Ballroom
Derailing = Layer Cake
Raised = Unleashed
Ex-Lovers = Kings and Queen
An Eerie Simulation = Mindhunters

Seriously, this was too easy. Maybe the NYT has stopped tripping the light fantastic, or they've actually hired an editor for the Movies section.

9:23 AM  
Blogger robbiefreeling8 said...

This may be the most amazing week ever for Times headlines....that crouching tiger one probably had the interns patting each other on the back for an entire half-hour. Their batch of lowly right-out-of-NYU wordsmiths gets stronger and stronger.

How weird though, that this batch from the 1973 archives had such similar savoir faire:

Don't Look Now -- Big scares and small fries in the rotting city of nightmares

The Sting -- Butch and Sundance back in the game, this time it's deuces wild!

Last Tango in Paris -- Brando, butter, and blood; isolation breeds contempt

Paper Moon -- He wanted a boy, so he dressed his daughter as one, but that didn't stop him from beating her

Cries and Whispers -- Broken glass, bleeding vaginas, and the elusive nature of sisterly love

American Graffiti -- Dazed Opie and Confused Dreyfuss, sounds of the 50s, nostalgia-porn begins

12:00 PM  

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