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We ALL remember this one, don't we? Don't we? Do we? Well, I sure as hell do. High-schooler and aspiring journalist Terri Griffiths (the criminally underrated and climactically de-robed Joyce Hyser) poses as a boy in order to win the schoolwide essay contest. Mild hilarity ensues. Hyser showed up only one more time before my eyes, in 1994's Michael J. Fox-Kirk Douglas dream-pairing "Greedy," but even her brief appearance sent me into paroxysms of glee. An easy shortcut was to call it a pubescent Tootsie; I'd argue it's more like an Eighties Woman of the Year, with Hyser a fine Hepburn substitute. Not to mention the always-reliable Clayton "The Relic" Rohner, as Hyser's dorky crush Rick Morehouse, perhaps even improving upon the Spencer Tracy template of sensual clumsiness. Coming soon: an appreciation of the recurrent Teutonic villain of Eighties High School films, William Zabka, here at his most fibrous.


Blogger artflickchick said...

thank god i'm not alone! this used to be one of my favorite movies, and by favorite i mean that every single time it came on tv, i had to watch it. i think i'm going to have to put it at the top of my netflix list now.

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