If J. Hoberman's "The Cool Kid" of Critcism, the World is Fucked.

Is anyone else getting tired of (or even reading) the NY Times Cannes Blog? At least Scott and Dargis, in their back-bending efforts to show their readers the "behind-the-scenes" action of the festival (didn't DePalma's Femme Fatale lesbo-heist say everything that needed to be said?) have dropped the critical veneer and revealed a little about themselves, coming off like nothing so much as a pair of socialites who happen to have a forum for their opinions. Yesterday's gem "How Is Cannes Like High School?" is pretty classic.

P.S. - Manohola, how can you claim to have been afraid to throw your hat in the ring on the Egoyan yet pump off this on Manderlay, which is also without distribution: "the film is every bit as boring as Dogville"?


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