What's with releases lately stealing titles verbatim from only slightly older movies? Like Paul Haggis copping David Cronenberg's "Crash" and the soon-to-be-released Will Ferrell flick appropriating Noah Baumbach's "Kicking and Screaming"? Is this some new trend meant to trick those with potentially good feelings towards those past films into seeing the new crap by trading on a sense of deja-vu?


Blogger robbiefreeling8 said...

It is strange. And sad inasmuch that immediately, Will Ferrell's little-kids-being-yelled-at opus KICKING AND SCREAMING will supercede knowledge of Noah Baumbach's earlier fillm, and Paul Haggis's I-fucked-Rodney-King L.A. potboiler will probably be seen by more people than Cronenberg's Well-I-Fucked-Rosanna-Arquette's-Gaping-Leg-Wound original. Or maybe they really are remakes and the trailers are just misleading?

In any case, I can't wait until Atom Egoyan's oddly similarly titled Mac and Me is released, therefore destroying all my happy memories of that Happy Meal masquerading as a movie. Damn you, Egoyan...I think this one's about Canadian voyeurs...or something.

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Anonymous clarencecarter said...

Robbiefreeling8, sometimes we share a brain (stop hogging it, fuckface)--I was going to make largely the same post.

It'd be fun to attempt to argue the films side by side as if they were somehow related beyond stolen titles. Both CRASH films seem to involve motor vehicle related traumas. And maybe we'll be surprised to find Will Ferrell, fresh off impersonating Woody Allen, doing his best Chris Eigeman in KICKING AND SCREAMING.

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