The Best 100 Movies, Like, Ever?

Check out Time Magazine's list here. It's a curious lot featuring head scratchers like Finding Nemo, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and the indefensibly awful City of God. However, there's also Ikiru, Dodsworth, Kandahar and Mon oncle d'Amérique making this one of the odder "Best of" offerings, even if the whole exercise still seems largely pointless. But then, what's more useless: making the lists, or armchair quaterbacking their inclusions and exclusions?

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Blogger filmenthusiast2000 said...

1) imdb.com top rated list
2) Sight & Sound poll
3) Time magazine
4) Entertainment Weekly
5) Channel 4 100 greatest movies
6) AFI top 100 list

I was eighteen the last time I attempted to list the "hundred greatest movies." If I attempt to do so again in my adult life, I should by all rights be shot.

1:13 PM  
Blogger robbiefreeling8 said...

Top ten films I saw during the week of December 17, 1992:

1) The Muppet Christmas Carol
2) Toys
3) A Few Good Men
4) Hoffa
5) One False Move
6) one of the Steven Seagal movies, probably
7) Hoffa 2: Hoffa Harder
8) The Crying Game
9) Ruthless People (probably, for the 27th time)
10) Gladiator (the one with Cuba Gooding Jr.)

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