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“By the same token,” Solondz continues, “young people in college or just out of college go backpacking, they want to see the ‘real world,’ meet ‘real people’ and experience ‘real life.’ And they go into South America or Asia or Africa, and these families take them in, and they’re so generous, so wonderful, etc. But all you have to do is say, ‘I am gay’ or ‘I am a Jew,’ and then it’s like death. All of a sudden, the savagery comes out. And what I’m getting at in the films is this kind of reconciliation, that something you may love is at the same time married to something at which you shudder in revulsion and horror.” -- LA WEEKLY

God I hate this motherfucker. Could we claim Palindromes to be the most politically detrimental film since, say, oh, Mandingo? He wants to get this rise out of me, so I try my damndest to temper it. It's not the outrageousness of his shitty films that bothers me as much as those that lap it up. The 2001 New York Film Festival audience that was maniacally applauding his reductive and screechily self-defense tract "Storytelling" are nothing more than enablers...

The comment above is completely bereft of meaning and insight.


Blogger filmenthusiast2000 said...

It's good to see that Solondz's TV movie mind has room for some 'Shocking Africa'-style insights.
But yeah, Jews in Asia have a rough time of it. Shut the fuck up, nerd.

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