Weekly: NY Times Title Game #1

Below is a list of review titles from today's NY Times movie section. Below that is a list of the films they refer to. Match 'em up. No cheating.

1. The Way the World Ends, With a Shrug and a Smile
2. At a Hotel Where Desire and Shame Intersect
3. A Man Breaks Into Houses to Fill Them Up With Life
4. A Student's Impulsive Love With an Imperfect Stranger
5. Ensuring National Security With Guns and Vixens
6. Postgraduate Depression, When True Love Is as Elusive as High Pay and Low Rent
7. More Than Tea Is Brewing in This English Household
8. Raucous Means to a Surprise End


1. The Holy Girl
2. Funny Ha Ha
3. A Toute De Suit
4. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
5. Death of a Dynasty
6. 3-Iron
7. Ladies in Lavendar
8. XXX: State of the Union


Blogger robbiefreeling8 said...

Look at this batch from 1939! They were always so scampish and erudite!

a) Goodbye Mr Chips -- A teacher, ransacked by life, touches lives, boys.

b) Stagecoach -- Riding across the prairie at dusk, injuns crouching in wait

c) Gone with the Wind -- This mammy knows what's her bidness and what ain't!

d) The Wizard of Oz -- A yellow brick road, a man behind the curtain, the journey in between.

e) The Rules of the Game -- False smiles, brocaded, withered souls, and rabbit pelts.

f) Beware Spooks! -- A funhouse of phantoms and fancy-free: Joe E. Brown wards off the ghosts with some bitter crystalline alkaloid. Well, nobody's perfect!

g) Wuthering Heights -- The moors, where everyone seems to drop like flies and love is sickness.

9:49 AM  
Blogger clarencecarter said...

Here are my guesses...let me know if I win the prize:

1. "The Way the World Ends.." - Ladies in Lavendar

2. "At a Hotel.." - The Holy Girl

3. "A Man Breaks Into Houses..." - A Toute De Suit

4. "A Student's Impulsive Love.." - Funny Ha Ha

5. "Ensuring National Security..." - XXX

6. "Postgraduate Depression" - Death of a Dynasty

7. "More than Tea is brewing" - Hitchhiker's Guide

8. "Raucous Means..." 3-Iron

10:03 AM  

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