Our Inaugural "Quote of the Week"

"Bujalski's debut invites easy comparisons to Slacker, Metropolitan, Kicking and Screaming and other movies about white, middle-class, self-aware-yet-clueless twentysomethings. But the humor cuts deeper than those movies—and accumulates more emotional force" - Matt Zoller Seitz, NY Press


Blogger filmenthusiast2000 said...

It's a shame that you failed to note that this quote comes from a review with the insipid header 'Slackumentary,' or that Zoller Seitz attributes the alleged emotional power of 'Funny Ha Ha' to the film's "naturalistic, at times nearly documentary style." This pretty much sums up the reasoning behind the short-sighted jizz-storm of praise that this bumbled abortion of a movie's specious claims to realism have attracted:
"OMG mumbling and shaky camera and boring people and like nothing happens that's totally LIFE!!!!"
Spending 90 minutes with 'Funny Ha Ha' was like being at one of those parties in college with a bunch of people I didn't particularly like and have mercifully lost touch with since. Cassavetes comparisons are sure fun Mr. Carney, but will anyone talk about Andrew Bujalski in ten years? Five? One?

9:04 AM  
Blogger robbiefreeling8 said...

Sure these are all easy outs for lazy writing...hey look, they're kinda Slacker-ish, so it's like SLACKER!; hey look, they kind of talk a lot rather than have shoot-outs or snort coke or rape each other, let's compare it to Whit Stillman!...I don't think the comparison is fair, but the differences between the films it invites only proves how singular Funny Ha Ha truly is. I don't necessarily think it's better than Baumbach, Stillman, or Linklater, but now that i see that wayward quote and realize how NOT like those films it is, I like Funny Ha Ha even more. I want more sweating, stammering kids onscreen, pronto!!

9:30 AM  

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