FILM REVIEW; Spies Chasing a Spy Chasing His Identity

It may sound odd to call a chilly, paranoid thriller like ''The Bourne Supremacy'' entertainment comfort food. But in the wake of 9/11, this globe-trotting post-cold-war melodrama full of standard cloak-and-dagger intrigue has the reassuring aroma of a home-cooked meal served while riding the world's smoothest roller coaster.
As the story unfolds at a whirring pace whose tremors flow like the seamless pulses in a sleek, percussive symphony, watching the movie feels like lying back after the meat loaf and mashed potatoes and being spoon-fed gourmet ice cream while the wind whistles in your ears.

--Ok, now keep in mind all of the talented writers out there who can't get a fucking break. This goes beyond mixed metaphor...this is downright avant-garde.


What are we watching this weekend?

I'm eyeing a double bill of Melinda and Melinda and The Interpreter at the Loews Harvard Square. I don't have much interest in the latter, even taking into account Matt Zoller Seitz's rave in the NY Press last week where he decries "hipster" critics who only like directors "who italicize every personal or artistic touch to make sure no one misses their cleverness." (Sounds like someone's been cozying up a little too tightly with Big Brother Armond.) But, the Loews Harvard is one of the easier theatres to hop around in, so I try not to pay for only one film every time I go there.

There's also a tempting Look at Me and Turtles Can Fly possibility at the Kendall.

Weekly: NY Times Title Game #1

Below is a list of review titles from today's NY Times movie section. Below that is a list of the films they refer to. Match 'em up. No cheating.

1. The Way the World Ends, With a Shrug and a Smile
2. At a Hotel Where Desire and Shame Intersect
3. A Man Breaks Into Houses to Fill Them Up With Life
4. A Student's Impulsive Love With an Imperfect Stranger
5. Ensuring National Security With Guns and Vixens
6. Postgraduate Depression, When True Love Is as Elusive as High Pay and Low Rent
7. More Than Tea Is Brewing in This English Household
8. Raucous Means to a Surprise End


1. The Holy Girl
2. Funny Ha Ha
3. A Toute De Suit
4. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
5. Death of a Dynasty
6. 3-Iron
7. Ladies in Lavendar
8. XXX: State of the Union

Our Inaugural "Quote of the Week"

"Bujalski's debut invites easy comparisons to Slacker, Metropolitan, Kicking and Screaming and other movies about white, middle-class, self-aware-yet-clueless twentysomethings. But the humor cuts deeper than those movies—and accumulates more emotional force" - Matt Zoller Seitz, NY Press